About Andrew

I am the councillor for Parkhurst ward on Isle of Wight Council. I am also one of two councillors for the same area on Newport Parish Council. I was elected to both councils for the first time in May 2017. I am one of two Liberal Democrat councillors on Isle of Wight Council. In keeping with the general tradition, I did not stand on a party platform for Newport Parish Council.

I live in the ward in Worsley Road and have done so since August 2007. I grew up in Lake, and went to school in Lake and Sandown. Like many people, I moved away for first university and then work, moving back to the Island ten years ago.

My career has spanned working for Members of Parliament (including Paddy Ashdown when he was Lib Dem leader), as public relations manager for the University of Portsmouth, and as press and public affairs manager for the Royal Statistical Society. I was for a number of years a trustee for the Cued Speech Association UK, a charity whose aim is “to give deaf and hearing impaired babies, children and adults full access to English through Cued Speech so that they acquire the communication and literacy skills they need to reach their potential”.

I am now self-employed, tutoring in maths, physics and statistics. My background in statistics is already proving useful making sense of council reports! I also do occasional work as a freelance public relations practitioner.

You can find the boundaries of Parkhurst ward using the election maps service provided by the Ordnance Survey. Type ‘Parkhurst’ in the search bar that opens when selecting the magnifying glass symbol in the top right of the page.

You will see that Parkhurst is geographically quite large, although the vast majority of residents live in the Hunnyhill area, the estates around the prison, and properties on Horsebridge Hill and Cowes Road. There are about 2,500 electors in this area.

The result at the last election was:

Andrew Garratt (Lib Dem) 404
Conservative 272
Labour 78